Sunday, June 29, 2014


I should feel sad as i write this but i'm smiling as little bits and pieces come to mind.
I miss Lviv...terribly.
I miss the odd, bumpy cobblestone roads, the long warm nights and short days of winter.
I miss those big, old buildings in the city with their interesting architechture. Crazy thing is, i used to think they were ugly and needed to be painted.

I miss the magical trees that grew so fast and blocked the view from my window in the spring.
I miss my long bus rides to the mall that i'd fall asleep in and wake up just as the bus pulled into the parking lot.
I miss that mall. Walking around and looking at everything even when i had no intention of buying anything.he he he.

I miss smiley Rosie and how she'd come to work every morning, hail or shine to clean. I miss her kindness and the noise she made as she shuffled up and down with a bubbly''good morning !'' as i walked by. I cannot remember a day she wasn't smiling.

I miss Suraj and his "squeeze you till you can't breathe" hugs. Those hugs made my day and his chokey laughter and twinkly eyes.
I miss the little snack shop behind my hostel and i miss eating there with my friend Blessing. We owned that joint! :)

I miss my Sushi dates with myself, just sitting at the far end of the restaurant and people watching.
Ah that feeling when my platter of Sushi with two glasses of my yummy juice is set down in front of me...complete joy and satisfaction. I read somewhere that being in love is almost the same as the feeling you get when a waiter is approaching with your food.
I have experimented on myself and it is so true!

I miss my crazy neighbors Anu and Mma, pancake Saturdays, hitting the walls and talking through them.
I miss my friends. All of them with their different levels of crazy.
I miss my roommate  and how she'd sleep through the day and wake up late at night to cook and her laughter.. You could hear her from another floor:)
I miss Ani ,her bubbliness and insistence on chicken wings! That friend of mine made the best grilled chicken ever.I  love how she'd save pictures of cute babies cos she knew they make me happy.
I miss going thrifting, taking hours to find pretty things among rejects then walking aimlessly around the city centre and listening to music on the slow tram rides home.

I miss my bed. My little slice of that city. Tucked away behind my wardrobe, quiet and peaceful. Didn't matter what was going on around me as long as i was there.
My warm duvet and my bijillion pillows, oh and my Winnie the Pooh bear that i left behind.Why did i do that. could i forget Lois. Almost every Saturday morning for six years, i could count on a warm hug, a big smile and something sweet from one of the nicest, happiest people i ever met. Yeah i miss Lois.

I should be sad but i'm smiling cos i have these memories. I wish i complained less about the little bits that were not quite right and just took the time to appreciate everything that made that place beautiful. Like the people i shared it  with and the moments that really did take my breathe away... like the rustle  and color of Autum leaves.
I wish i took more pictures of everything and went to more places.
But who knows, i may get another chance to go back or maybe i'll go somewhere new.
Whatever happens, i promise to slow down and really see.

Quote- I haven't been everywhere yet.But its on my list.- Someone really smart.

                                                                                   With a prayer that you live everyday of your life,


where it all started-these people taught me a lot about letting go and laughing:)
Pardon our goofy faces.I think this was Christmas 2008 and we were all just so happy to see CAKE!

Monday, March 31, 2014



That's who the woman in me is.
She reminds me that i am special and i deserve all the goodness that comes to me.
She says I'm loved;
By my Creator and all those who dare to acknowledge her existence.
She tells me I am beautiful;
Even on the days that life makes me feel unpretty.
When i can't seem to find my way?
She explains to me that thrones are not easy to keep and confusion is sometimes the guide to follow my heart.
When everyone else seems to do better and be better at life?
She says i am good enough and insists that i AM enough.
She pushes me to be and give my best every time i am given new breath.
She refuses to be called anything less,refuses to be treated like anything less.

QUEEN- that's who I am.
So i'll wake up every morning for as long as it pleases my Creator,adjust my crown,put on my smile and carry on.
You might not be able to see it,but its there.

Queen...that's what we all are.
                                                                -Cynthia Chukwu

I had a light bulb moment a few days ago when i put that entry in my journal and i wanted to share it with you.I hope that as you read,you are reminded that you are fan-freaking-tastic! 

I don't really know how to explain to you that you are one special person.You might not see it all the time,you might not have figured life out yet,you may have failed or taken a couple of wrong turns along the way,you may not look like everyone else or have everything they do that seems to make them happy and complete. Yes .Maybe not.But i promise you that if you let go and look closely in your heart and then at your reflection,you'll see your crown.
Nothing and no one can take that away from you.
You are special,kind,forgiving,smart,funny and amazing. Quit looking at anyone else to validate your being.You ARE enough.
Treat yourself like the royalty that you are and do not accept anyone knocking off your crown.
Wake up and go through each day with the knowledge that you are irreplaceable.Some days will be easier than others but you have to promise to never lose your smile or your crown.

Remember to live,laugh and love. 
Quote- Know thyself...whatever you live through.Know thyself.
                                                                                                                          -Cynthia Chukwu
                                                                                                   One royal smile and  a big hug,