Sunday, June 29, 2014


I should feel sad as i write this but i'm smiling as little bits and pieces come to mind.
I miss Lviv...terribly.
I miss the odd, bumpy cobblestone roads, the long warm nights and short days of winter.
I miss those big, old buildings in the city with their interesting architechture. Crazy thing is, i used to think they were ugly and needed to be painted.

I miss the magical trees that grew so fast and blocked the view from my window in the spring.
I miss my long bus rides to the mall that i'd fall asleep in and wake up just as the bus pulled into the parking lot.
I miss that mall. Walking around and looking at everything even when i had no intention of buying anything.he he he.

I miss smiley Rosie and how she'd come to work every morning, hail or shine to clean. I miss her kindness and the noise she made as she shuffled up and down with a bubbly''good morning !'' as i walked by. I cannot remember a day she wasn't smiling.

I miss Suraj and his "squeeze you till you can't breathe" hugs. Those hugs made my day and his chokey laughter and twinkly eyes.
I miss the little snack shop behind my hostel and i miss eating there with my friend Blessing. We owned that joint! :)

I miss my Sushi dates with myself, just sitting at the far end of the restaurant and people watching.
Ah that feeling when my platter of Sushi with two glasses of my yummy juice is set down in front of me...complete joy and satisfaction. I read somewhere that being in love is almost the same as the feeling you get when a waiter is approaching with your food.
I have experimented on myself and it is so true!

I miss my crazy neighbors Anu and Mma, pancake Saturdays, hitting the walls and talking through them.
I miss my friends. All of them with their different levels of crazy.
I miss my roommate  and how she'd sleep through the day and wake up late at night to cook and her laughter.. You could hear her from another floor:)
I miss Ani ,her bubbliness and insistence on chicken wings! That friend of mine made the best grilled chicken ever.I  love how she'd save pictures of cute babies cos she knew they make me happy.
I miss going thrifting, taking hours to find pretty things among rejects then walking aimlessly around the city centre and listening to music on the slow tram rides home.

I miss my bed. My little slice of that city. Tucked away behind my wardrobe, quiet and peaceful. Didn't matter what was going on around me as long as i was there.
My warm duvet and my bijillion pillows, oh and my Winnie the Pooh bear that i left behind.Why did i do that. could i forget Lois. Almost every Saturday morning for six years, i could count on a warm hug, a big smile and something sweet from one of the nicest, happiest people i ever met. Yeah i miss Lois.

I should be sad but i'm smiling cos i have these memories. I wish i complained less about the little bits that were not quite right and just took the time to appreciate everything that made that place beautiful. Like the people i shared it  with and the moments that really did take my breathe away... like the rustle  and color of Autum leaves.
I wish i took more pictures of everything and went to more places.
But who knows, i may get another chance to go back or maybe i'll go somewhere new.
Whatever happens, i promise to slow down and really see.

Quote- I haven't been everywhere yet.But its on my list.- Someone really smart.

                                                                                   With a prayer that you live everyday of your life,


where it all started-these people taught me a lot about letting go and laughing:)
Pardon our goofy faces.I think this was Christmas 2008 and we were all just so happy to see CAKE!

Monday, March 31, 2014



That's who the woman in me is.
She reminds me that i am special and i deserve all the goodness that comes to me.
She says I'm loved;
By my Creator and all those who dare to acknowledge her existence.
She tells me I am beautiful;
Even on the days that life makes me feel unpretty.
When i can't seem to find my way?
She explains to me that thrones are not easy to keep and confusion is sometimes the guide to follow my heart.
When everyone else seems to do better and be better at life?
She says i am good enough and insists that i AM enough.
She pushes me to be and give my best every time i am given new breath.
She refuses to be called anything less,refuses to be treated like anything less.

QUEEN- that's who I am.
So i'll wake up every morning for as long as it pleases my Creator,adjust my crown,put on my smile and carry on.
You might not be able to see it,but its there.

Queen...that's what we all are.
                                                                -Cynthia Chukwu

I had a light bulb moment a few days ago when i put that entry in my journal and i wanted to share it with you.I hope that as you read,you are reminded that you are fan-freaking-tastic! 

I don't really know how to explain to you that you are one special person.You might not see it all the time,you might not have figured life out yet,you may have failed or taken a couple of wrong turns along the way,you may not look like everyone else or have everything they do that seems to make them happy and complete. Yes .Maybe not.But i promise you that if you let go and look closely in your heart and then at your reflection,you'll see your crown.
Nothing and no one can take that away from you.
You are special,kind,forgiving,smart,funny and amazing. Quit looking at anyone else to validate your being.You ARE enough.
Treat yourself like the royalty that you are and do not accept anyone knocking off your crown.
Wake up and go through each day with the knowledge that you are irreplaceable.Some days will be easier than others but you have to promise to never lose your smile or your crown.

Remember to live,laugh and love. 
Quote- Know thyself...whatever you live through.Know thyself.
                                                                                                                          -Cynthia Chukwu
                                                                                                   One royal smile and  a big hug,

Friday, August 16, 2013


Hello lovelies,how's everyone doing.I hope you're having an awesome day wherever you are.I'm having to play catch up today because i've been ''away" for a while.He he he was having an internet connection breakdown so i couldn't write but i'm back now so yay!
My birthday was on the 8th and i was five different kinds of excited that day.I had an amazing day and i got lots of good wishes.I'm so thankful for my family and friends.
So i decided to skip my usual life "assessment" exercise that i do every year on my birthday.I just thought i'd cut myself some slack and not put every aspect of my life under personal inspection because that's the hardest one to pass.
So i had a fun filled day,free of deep thoughts and reflection.Went dancing in two different places that night (well if you know me,you know i was listening to music) but it was fun and i'd do it all over in a heartbeat.
This is what my day looked like...Pasar bien ;)

 The birthday face is what happens when your sister who is  makeup artist shows up on your birthday morning :)

 Happy face and rabbit smile.

 decided to bust out this super comfy maxi dress since i was having a relaxed family day at home.Great choice...:)

    Having my "whoop tee doo! "moment.i don't think i'll ever stop jumping when i'm happy.

Ma famille...well,almost half of ma famille :)

 being goofy with my gorgeous sister.(i took a day off from hating on her hair;)

 One of the best things that happened to me was getting a cake sent by my friends in another was a wonderful feeling and i'm so thankful.

 my outfit for the night out.Thought i'd keep it simple and easy.Thank God for wedges.When i get to heaven,i'm finding whoever invented these and giving them a big hug.

 mes soeurs magnifiques...i was waaay too excited.he he he.

So that was how i spent my 23rd birthday.Generally had a fun day with my family.Days like this remind me of why i was so eager to come home and be with them.
Who knows how many wishes you get when you blow out your candles cos i'm hoping its more than one.:)
Happy belated birthday to all those who share the day with me,i hope we get all our wishes granted.
And to all August babies and the beautiful person reading this,i wish you lots of love,peace and a heart that will never give up.

 Quote-Birthdays are nature's way of telling you to eat more cake- Jo Brand

 Remember to live,laugh and love.
                                                                                                                         Avec les meilleurs voeux,

Monday, August 5, 2013


Hello gorgeous.Hope you're getting a lovely start to the week.I'm still sitting on my bed cos i'm still so very tired and my feet hurt from all the baby shower excitement of yesterday. Yay! My first baby shower ever.It was so much fun but those games are difficult! i hope i get invited to more(making a mental note to remind all my friends to get married and have some pretty babies:).
I woke up and  decided i was gonna have a great day so i pulled out this dress i've had since last summer,tore the tags of that baby and went to church,then to pick up a cake for the shower...word of advice,if you are on a diet or you don't want to spend more than you budgeted,STAY AWAY FROM YUMMY BAKERIES! I went for one cake and left with...well,more :)

This is what my day looked like...Pasar bien.

 Oh hello.

 My dress was saying here'' it feels good to be in the sun Cynthia.I really don't like your suitcase.We should do this more often'':)

 About to stuff my face with cupcakes and doughnuts:)

 Paying for my ''extras''.You'd think after this,i would stop.But no,my sister and her hubby took me to get a sandwich and drinks.That's it,i blame them for the extra weight i've put on;)

I was the resident photographer for the baby shower but i don't have the pictures yet.Hopefully,i'll get them soon.You don't want to know my scores on those games...Whew. I truly wasn't paying attention in kindergarten.Who knew the young of a kangaroo was called a Joey...NOT ME!
The day was just awesome.I'm happy i was a part of it and so grateful i have my sisters.
I hope the beginning of this week brings you loads of love to last all through the week and spill into the next one.

Quote-Joy does not simply happen to us.We have to choose joy and keep choosing it everyday.- Henri Nouwen
                                                                                                     Seven bear hugs and kisses to go,

Thursday, August 1, 2013


Now there's something about August rolling in.I feel different,like there's sparkle dust in the air,my feet don't touch the ground and i can do anything.Maybe its because its my birth month or its the end of summer and September generally always comes with Autumn and new beginnings.
I dunno what it is but there's something about August.

It's really early in the morning and i'm writing this with very little light and my comforter over my head .Trying not to wake my  adorable little nephew but i couldn't sleep.There was just too much going through my mind and i thought to my self''you've rested enough,get up''.This is the first time in a while i've been able to sit up and write so here we go...

Hello my lovely lovies,How's everyone doing today.I hope you catch some of  the awesomeness in this August breeze.
Oh and just in case you forgot,its me,Cynthia.That little young woman who is still trying to figure it out :).
This is a ''hello and i wish you a lovely month'' post.Its also a mini update that is long overdue and i'm sorry but packing up all my stuff and moving back home has been a little challenging.But i'm home now,been here for a while and i'm starting to relax a lot more. I've barely left the house cos all i've wanted to do is sleep and eat then sleep some more and watch Suits.Oh yeah i found a new love to replace Rick Castle...His name is Harvey Specter.Watch one episode and you'll understand why i switched;).
I just feel tired all the time and being ill since i got back hasn't helped either.My back has been giving me a hard time.Apparently,something is inflamed and i've barely been able to sit and walk...two very important blogging abilities.But i'm all better now, Thank you Lord!
Here a few slight oldies but goodies that i didn't share...

got bored with my hair so i went red!     

 getting dooooowwwwnnnn :)

my fab classmates.:)

 You know i had to chill with ''guy holding a heart in front of anatomy'' he he he .you'd think after so many years in that school we'd bother to find out his name:)

 And rose gold makes it all better ;)

The last lunch with ma famille :)

That's mostly it for this post.I hope my back behaves so i can write more but more importantly so i don't have to take any more drugs.I really don't like those things,it's mild torture for me.
Its only been a few weeks and i'm happy to be home but i miss my life in Ukraine,my friends,classmates,my little room,everything.Let's wait and see what wonders this change will bring.
I wish you all the love,peace and success you'll need to make today amazing.
Surround yourself with laughter,positive energy and have a fabulous August :)

Quote-Wake up every morning with the thought that something wonderful is about to happen-Missguided.
                                                                         With a large sprinkle of sparkle dust,peace and love,

Saturday, June 22, 2013


Hello beautiful people,i thought i'd take this opportunity to reintroduce myself...I'm Doctor Cynthia Chukwu...*applause in my head* he he he.
Yup i graduated yesterday and it was a busy but wonderful day.
I've been a little ill lately  so i wasn't as hippidy hop as i would normally be and the heat didn't help.Seriously,who invented the fabric used for graduation gowns.We were baking for hours and then my school decided to make it worse by handing out diplomas outside.
Whew... it was an experience but one that i wouldn't take back.Ever.
I had lunch with my group mates and their beautiful families afterwards and then went semi dancing at night with my friends( i say ''semi'' because i just sat down and listened to music through out.I love loud music.)
I am really proud of me though cos i survived almost an entire day on heels! well on what i  consider heels:)
This journey has been interesting and wonderful,i've grown so much in these past six years and i've learnt more about myself,who i am and want to be,who and what i love in my life and i'm so grateful to God for the strength and guidance He's given me.I'm thankful for all of it.
So here's what my day looked like...Pasar bien... warning-picture overload:)

                   Oh hello :)

The coolest group of people in any university...EVER;)

   Class of 2013..congratulations :)

oh there she is!

      Receiving my diploma from the dean:)

                   Six years for one piece of paper...whew!

                    with some of my beautiful friends:)

My group with our diplomas...Congratulations habibis:)
 Some of my wonderful groupmates :)
                    If they are not cool,i don't know who is ;)

       Being goofy as usual:)

                   My mini big me,thanks for coming out to support me.

 my babies are now old men:..(

    Birthday boy :)

                   my first class in 2007 was in that anatomy building behind me..time really does fly.

Congratulations to my friends,group mates and entire graduating class.Its been wonderful knowing you guys and going on this journey with you.I wish you all peace,love,success,good health,wealth and everything else you need to take you to where ever you wish to be in future.I'm gonna miss you guys and i'm so suprised i got through the whole ceremony without crying(huge step up from my high school graduation).
I'll do another post with our graduation outfits,lunch and official pictures cos i don't want to put too many pictures in one post.
Oh and this is the 50th post i've written! 
Thank you all so much for reading and supporting,you have no idea how much it means to me.
Until my next post,stay happy and beautiful...those are DOCTOR'S ORDERS! ;)
                                                                                                        Three smile tablets and a dose of love,
                                                                                                        Dr Cynthia.