Thursday, August 1, 2013


Now there's something about August rolling in.I feel different,like there's sparkle dust in the air,my feet don't touch the ground and i can do anything.Maybe its because its my birth month or its the end of summer and September generally always comes with Autumn and new beginnings.
I dunno what it is but there's something about August.

It's really early in the morning and i'm writing this with very little light and my comforter over my head .Trying not to wake my  adorable little nephew but i couldn't sleep.There was just too much going through my mind and i thought to my self''you've rested enough,get up''.This is the first time in a while i've been able to sit up and write so here we go...

Hello my lovely lovies,How's everyone doing today.I hope you catch some of  the awesomeness in this August breeze.
Oh and just in case you forgot,its me,Cynthia.That little young woman who is still trying to figure it out :).
This is a ''hello and i wish you a lovely month'' post.Its also a mini update that is long overdue and i'm sorry but packing up all my stuff and moving back home has been a little challenging.But i'm home now,been here for a while and i'm starting to relax a lot more. I've barely left the house cos all i've wanted to do is sleep and eat then sleep some more and watch Suits.Oh yeah i found a new love to replace Rick Castle...His name is Harvey Specter.Watch one episode and you'll understand why i switched;).
I just feel tired all the time and being ill since i got back hasn't helped either.My back has been giving me a hard time.Apparently,something is inflamed and i've barely been able to sit and walk...two very important blogging abilities.But i'm all better now, Thank you Lord!
Here a few slight oldies but goodies that i didn't share...

got bored with my hair so i went red!     

 getting dooooowwwwnnnn :)

my fab classmates.:)

 You know i had to chill with ''guy holding a heart in front of anatomy'' he he he .you'd think after so many years in that school we'd bother to find out his name:)

 And rose gold makes it all better ;)

The last lunch with ma famille :)

That's mostly it for this post.I hope my back behaves so i can write more but more importantly so i don't have to take any more drugs.I really don't like those things,it's mild torture for me.
Its only been a few weeks and i'm happy to be home but i miss my life in Ukraine,my friends,classmates,my little room,everything.Let's wait and see what wonders this change will bring.
I wish you all the love,peace and success you'll need to make today amazing.
Surround yourself with laughter,positive energy and have a fabulous August :)

Quote-Wake up every morning with the thought that something wonderful is about to happen-Missguided.
                                                                         With a large sprinkle of sparkle dust,peace and love,

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