Friday, November 30, 2012


Hello lovelies! i hope your week was great.It's Friday!!!!!! yay!!!! (even though i have no plans for the weekend) he he he. I've been working on my first tutorial for a while now and believe me... its not very easy.i'm still learning how to edit and add stuff and whew! I salute youtubers. Its coming along great though and i'm enjoying the process. I hope it gets done this weekend cos i'm super excited to share that project.Christmas is almost here and it would make a nice,personalized gift for friends. Okay enough about my next post(hopefully).Here's what a couple of days ago looked like for me.Enjoy...Naranja amor..Spanish for ''Orange love''.

Quote- if you never have,you should.these things are fun and fun is good.-Dr Seuss
Have a wonderful weekend!
                                                                                       A truck load of love to last you three days,

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I've never really taken black as one of my favorite colors. White,coral and teal have been close to my heart for a while.But recently in the spirit of trying new things, i've been wearing more of other colors and as it turns out,black likes me a lot! :)
Threw this look together and it felt a bit too ''black'' so i let my pink scarf brighten it up a bit.I was really happy with it and as my big sister said ''rocker chic''. 

look at me mum,i'm flying!

Quote-Find out who you are and do it on purpose.- Dolly Parton.
You are wonderful,beautiful and amazing.Enjoy the rest of your week.
Remember to live,laugh and love.
                                                                                               One really big hug,


Hello fabulous people.Hope everyone's week started great.If you are having a difficult time please don't worry.Its only Tuesday! We'll have tomorrow to get it right.:)
A while back,a friend of mine found an old note on a piece of paper in her room and she gave it to me and said''i'm sure this is yours''. I read it and yeah,it was mine! i thought i'd share it with you.Here's what believing has thought me...

''There are certain things to fight for in life.Most important is life itself and the little things that make everyday worth getting up and in to.Things like love,happiness,health,peace and success.I fight everyday and i believe more each minute that passes that something wonderful awaits me every moment of my life.I might not see the difference every day.May be too grumpy or sad to notice but as sure as the stars in the night sky are,i will keep my joy for the beautiful about the love of God is not the assurance that bad things won't happen.its the promise that my very best friend will always be by me.''

Sometimes its difficult to see past the ''now'' of things.When its like you are doing your best but day after day,its the same story. You've got to refuse to become negative and let the way things are today define you.
Believe that every thing will eventually get better.Hey! it has no choice! :) 
Tell the person in the mirror that you can get up and out of whatever you are going through then go out and take steps to make it better.It may not change immediately,but it will.This much i know is true.

 Quote-Believe in love,believe in magic.Hell believe in Santa Claus.Believe in others,believe in yourself.Believe in your dreams.If you don't,who will? - Jon Bon Jovi

I think i'm gonna leave you with that.Remember to live,laugh and love.:)
                                                                                     Two sprinkles of star dust and a high five,

Sunday, November 25, 2012


Hello fabulous people.I hope your weekend was fun.With a new week starting tomorrow,i thought i'd share some love and inspiration.So here it goes...

Start loving yourself more-look at the person in the mirror every day and say something positive.Smile at him/her and say how lovely he/she looks.Treat yourself like royalty and believe that you are worth it.

Give it hundred percent-do everything excellently(by your standards).Make sure you leave each day knowing that you did all you wanted to and could have done.

Look  flippn' amazing!- Every single day .Wear those new shoes just because.Change up your hair just because.Bring all that inner beauty out.Don't wait for a special occasion! Today is special enough.I have stuff i bought when i was a size 6 and i never wore them cos i was waiting for the right time.Now i can't wear them because i'm...well,not a size 6 anymore.(' ',)

Eat healthy-as much as you can.I understand busy schedules,exams and deadlines.But i encourage you to take some time to take care of yourself.Have healthy meals,fill up on those fruits and veggies.Your body will thank you later.

Be positive! Everything might not be exactly the way you would like.But hey,that's life.Choose to be happy and positive any way.Don't postpone your happiness until certain things happen.Be happy now! I've heard people say stuff like'' i will be happy when i get married,i will be happy when i graduate,i will be happy when i get my money,i will be happy when i'm done with this project''. No. Don't tie your joy to anything.You are here,that's good enough so please make the choice to be happy.:)

Be a gift to others- give,give,give.whatever you can,as long as it makes someone's day brighter.Give a smile,a hug,a listening ear,a compliment,anything fabulous.

from me to you.

Quote-Whatever good you want to be and do,start today. Doesn't matter how small.START.- Cynthia Chukwu
One wonderful thing about being alive is that you get to choose how you live.Choose love,life,happiness,peace,success,good and you .Start now.
Remember to live,laugh and love.
                                                                                                     Seven hugs and a big kiss.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Hello :) thanks for stopping by again today.i hope your day has been awesome so far and if  it hasn't been,it WILL be awesome. So smile!
It feels like -3 degrees in this part of the world.Pretty soon it will get to that time when i won't go anywhere unless i absolutely have to.I wanna live somewhere warm!!!! I was able to take some good pictures before running home.The scarf i have on makes me smile(i think all  my scarves make me smile).Enjoy...

white and black pictures ! j'adore!

Today's quote-Take the first step in faith.You don't have to see the whole staircase,just take the first step-Martin Luther King Jr.
Sometimes we want to have all our ducks in a row before doing anything.I'm guilty of chronic over thinking and over analyzing.Now i'm not saying its not important to do your research but sometimes,you just need to let go,try and figure it out as you go.
Remember to live,laugh and love.
                                                                                Three bear hugs and one sparkly smile,

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Hello fabulous people! i hope you are having a sparkle filled,amazing and memorable day.I woke up today and felt like being with my family.Have been feeling that way for a while now.So i put on my mum's dress! Dresses and jewellery are the only things i can get when i go shopping in my mum's closet because her shoes don't fit me and it would have to be an emergency before you can touch her bags.he he he.i love my mum.Got this dress from her about two years ago and with the weather changing,i decided to try layering and i had fun with the look.Enjoy...

Huge bowl of ''thankyous'' to my wonderful friend and photographer Tahir.:)

Today's quote- Feed your faith and your fears will starve to death.
Remember to live,laugh and love.
                                                                                                    Big hugs and plate of kisses

Monday, November 19, 2012


Remember that there are no mistakes,only lessons.Love yourself,trust your choices and everything is possible.Cherie-carter Scotts.

Sometimes i like to sit and think of stuff i wish i knew when i was younger and as long as the list is,i'm grateful that i know them now because as simple as they are,they help me everyday.Enjoy...(' ',)
1) If it makes you happy,do it.if it doesn't,don't.
2) When you fail at something,its not the end of your life.
3) Fun is good for your health.
4) Its okay not to be perfect.
5) You don't have to know all the answers.
6) Saying and doing what you want doesn't make you a bad makes you ''YOU''!
7) Its okay to change your mind about things you never thought you would.
8) Don't take life too seriously.Take a break,laugh and relax. 
9) Fear will keep you from living fully.Leaving your comfort zone is healthy.
10) Life is happening now.This moment is your life so give yourself permission to live.

Everything that happens to us is there to teach us something new.Some lessons we learn over and over and that's alright too. i hope my little list has helped you in some way.Try making a list of things you would tell a younger you and let it make you laugh and reflect because its okay if we still haven't figured it all out.
Remember to live,laugh and love.

                                                                                           Big hugs and loads of love,

Friday, November 16, 2012


Hello :) i hope you are having a great day already.I believe everyday should be special and new because it's a gift and there are certain things i've learnt that add a little bit more to the day.These are a couple of things to try if you aren't already doing them.
1)Get enough sleep-  sleeping 7-8 hours daily rests your mind and body and you get renewed and ready for the day.
2)Wake up early-  give yourself all the time you need to get ready for your day so you are not in a hurry.
3)Have breakfast-  many people have so much to do in the morning but it'll be very nice to give your body something to work with until your next meal.its the most important meal of the day.:)
4)Look your best-  when you look good,you feel good.You don't have to be ''going somewhere''.Just wear something that you are comfortable and happy with.
5)Smile-  at the person in the mirror,people on the street,at work,school,everywhere you go.Just smile.You'll radiate warmth and inner peace.(' ',)
6)Be nice-  to yourself and others.All through the day,everyday.
7)Have some ''you'' time-  find 15 minutes to 1 hour everyday for yourself.Take a break and do whatever makes you happy.Pray,meditate,cook,read or just sit by yourself.Do anything as long as you have that short time to just be.
8)Don't procrastinate-  i heard somewhere that something that is not started today will never be finished tomorrow.Try your best to do everything you have to do for the day today.You can do it a little at a time but get it all done so you can rest easy.
9)Be positive-  they say that life might not be the party you hoped for but while you are here,you might as well dance.Find a quote or something that reminds you to be positive and keep it somewhere you can see it every morning.Read or watch something that inspires you and keep reminding yourself  to maintain a positive outlook.Ella Wheeler said''say you are well or all is well with you,and God shall hear your words and make them true.
10)Live-  take time to actually live.Don't get so caught up in work,project,assignments and everything else that you forget to enjoy your day.Do more of things that make you happy,laugh and feel good about you all day,every day.:)
Remember to live,laugh and love!


Sunday, November 11, 2012


Hello fabulous people.Thank you for stopping by my blog.I'm new to this so my posts may be random for a while.I'm a grown little woman that is interested in loads of different things including writing, cooking,healthy living,designing,sewing,music,photography and diy projects(the list is really long) :).I love learning new things and i'll share whatever i know or learn.Enjoy and remember to live,laugh and love.Have a beautiful day.:)