Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Hello :) thanks for stopping by again today.i hope your day has been awesome so far and if  it hasn't been,it WILL be awesome. So smile!
It feels like -3 degrees in this part of the world.Pretty soon it will get to that time when i won't go anywhere unless i absolutely have to.I wanna live somewhere warm!!!! I was able to take some good pictures before running home.The scarf i have on makes me smile(i think all  my scarves make me smile).Enjoy...

white and black pictures ! j'adore!

Today's quote-Take the first step in faith.You don't have to see the whole staircase,just take the first step-Martin Luther King Jr.
Sometimes we want to have all our ducks in a row before doing anything.I'm guilty of chronic over thinking and over analyzing.Now i'm not saying its not important to do your research but sometimes,you just need to let go,try and figure it out as you go.
Remember to live,laugh and love.
                                                                                Three bear hugs and one sparkly smile,