Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Hello fabulous people.Hope everyone's week started great.If you are having a difficult time please don't worry.Its only Tuesday! We'll have tomorrow to get it right.:)
A while back,a friend of mine found an old note on a piece of paper in her room and she gave it to me and said''i'm sure this is yours''. I read it and yeah,it was mine! i thought i'd share it with you.Here's what believing has thought me...

''There are certain things to fight for in life.Most important is life itself and the little things that make everyday worth getting up and in to.Things like love,happiness,health,peace and success.I fight everyday and i believe more each minute that passes that something wonderful awaits me every moment of my life.I might not see the difference every day.May be too grumpy or sad to notice but as sure as the stars in the night sky are,i will keep my joy for the beautiful about the love of God is not the assurance that bad things won't happen.its the promise that my very best friend will always be by me.''

Sometimes its difficult to see past the ''now'' of things.When its like you are doing your best but day after day,its the same story. You've got to refuse to become negative and let the way things are today define you.
Believe that every thing will eventually get better.Hey! it has no choice! :) 
Tell the person in the mirror that you can get up and out of whatever you are going through then go out and take steps to make it better.It may not change immediately,but it will.This much i know is true.

 Quote-Believe in love,believe in magic.Hell believe in Santa Claus.Believe in others,believe in yourself.Believe in your dreams.If you don't,who will? - Jon Bon Jovi

I think i'm gonna leave you with that.Remember to live,laugh and love.:)
                                                                                     Two sprinkles of star dust and a high five,

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