Sunday, November 25, 2012


Hello fabulous people.I hope your weekend was fun.With a new week starting tomorrow,i thought i'd share some love and inspiration.So here it goes...

Start loving yourself more-look at the person in the mirror every day and say something positive.Smile at him/her and say how lovely he/she looks.Treat yourself like royalty and believe that you are worth it.

Give it hundred percent-do everything excellently(by your standards).Make sure you leave each day knowing that you did all you wanted to and could have done.

Look  flippn' amazing!- Every single day .Wear those new shoes just because.Change up your hair just because.Bring all that inner beauty out.Don't wait for a special occasion! Today is special enough.I have stuff i bought when i was a size 6 and i never wore them cos i was waiting for the right time.Now i can't wear them because i'm...well,not a size 6 anymore.(' ',)

Eat healthy-as much as you can.I understand busy schedules,exams and deadlines.But i encourage you to take some time to take care of yourself.Have healthy meals,fill up on those fruits and veggies.Your body will thank you later.

Be positive! Everything might not be exactly the way you would like.But hey,that's life.Choose to be happy and positive any way.Don't postpone your happiness until certain things happen.Be happy now! I've heard people say stuff like'' i will be happy when i get married,i will be happy when i graduate,i will be happy when i get my money,i will be happy when i'm done with this project''. No. Don't tie your joy to anything.You are here,that's good enough so please make the choice to be happy.:)

Be a gift to others- give,give,give.whatever you can,as long as it makes someone's day brighter.Give a smile,a hug,a listening ear,a compliment,anything fabulous.

from me to you.

Quote-Whatever good you want to be and do,start today. Doesn't matter how small.START.- Cynthia Chukwu
One wonderful thing about being alive is that you get to choose how you live.Choose love,life,happiness,peace,success,good and you .Start now.
Remember to live,laugh and love.
                                                                                                     Seven hugs and a big kiss.