Friday, November 16, 2012


Hello :) i hope you are having a great day already.I believe everyday should be special and new because it's a gift and there are certain things i've learnt that add a little bit more to the day.These are a couple of things to try if you aren't already doing them.
1)Get enough sleep-  sleeping 7-8 hours daily rests your mind and body and you get renewed and ready for the day.
2)Wake up early-  give yourself all the time you need to get ready for your day so you are not in a hurry.
3)Have breakfast-  many people have so much to do in the morning but it'll be very nice to give your body something to work with until your next meal.its the most important meal of the day.:)
4)Look your best-  when you look good,you feel good.You don't have to be ''going somewhere''.Just wear something that you are comfortable and happy with.
5)Smile-  at the person in the mirror,people on the street,at work,school,everywhere you go.Just smile.You'll radiate warmth and inner peace.(' ',)
6)Be nice-  to yourself and others.All through the day,everyday.
7)Have some ''you'' time-  find 15 minutes to 1 hour everyday for yourself.Take a break and do whatever makes you happy.Pray,meditate,cook,read or just sit by yourself.Do anything as long as you have that short time to just be.
8)Don't procrastinate-  i heard somewhere that something that is not started today will never be finished tomorrow.Try your best to do everything you have to do for the day today.You can do it a little at a time but get it all done so you can rest easy.
9)Be positive-  they say that life might not be the party you hoped for but while you are here,you might as well dance.Find a quote or something that reminds you to be positive and keep it somewhere you can see it every morning.Read or watch something that inspires you and keep reminding yourself  to maintain a positive outlook.Ella Wheeler said''say you are well or all is well with you,and God shall hear your words and make them true.
10)Live-  take time to actually live.Don't get so caught up in work,project,assignments and everything else that you forget to enjoy your day.Do more of things that make you happy,laugh and feel good about you all day,every day.:)
Remember to live,laugh and love!