Friday, November 30, 2012


Hello lovelies! i hope your week was great.It's Friday!!!!!! yay!!!! (even though i have no plans for the weekend) he he he. I've been working on my first tutorial for a while now and believe me... its not very easy.i'm still learning how to edit and add stuff and whew! I salute youtubers. Its coming along great though and i'm enjoying the process. I hope it gets done this weekend cos i'm super excited to share that project.Christmas is almost here and it would make a nice,personalized gift for friends. Okay enough about my next post(hopefully).Here's what a couple of days ago looked like for me.Enjoy...Naranja amor..Spanish for ''Orange love''.

Quote- if you never have,you should.these things are fun and fun is good.-Dr Seuss
Have a wonderful weekend!
                                                                                       A truck load of love to last you three days,

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