Monday, March 31, 2014



That's who the woman in me is.
She reminds me that i am special and i deserve all the goodness that comes to me.
She says I'm loved;
By my Creator and all those who dare to acknowledge her existence.
She tells me I am beautiful;
Even on the days that life makes me feel unpretty.
When i can't seem to find my way?
She explains to me that thrones are not easy to keep and confusion is sometimes the guide to follow my heart.
When everyone else seems to do better and be better at life?
She says i am good enough and insists that i AM enough.
She pushes me to be and give my best every time i am given new breath.
She refuses to be called anything less,refuses to be treated like anything less.

QUEEN- that's who I am.
So i'll wake up every morning for as long as it pleases my Creator,adjust my crown,put on my smile and carry on.
You might not be able to see it,but its there.

Queen...that's what we all are.
                                                                -Cynthia Chukwu

I had a light bulb moment a few days ago when i put that entry in my journal and i wanted to share it with you.I hope that as you read,you are reminded that you are fan-freaking-tastic! 

I don't really know how to explain to you that you are one special person.You might not see it all the time,you might not have figured life out yet,you may have failed or taken a couple of wrong turns along the way,you may not look like everyone else or have everything they do that seems to make them happy and complete. Yes .Maybe not.But i promise you that if you let go and look closely in your heart and then at your reflection,you'll see your crown.
Nothing and no one can take that away from you.
You are special,kind,forgiving,smart,funny and amazing. Quit looking at anyone else to validate your being.You ARE enough.
Treat yourself like the royalty that you are and do not accept anyone knocking off your crown.
Wake up and go through each day with the knowledge that you are irreplaceable.Some days will be easier than others but you have to promise to never lose your smile or your crown.

Remember to live,laugh and love. 
Quote- Know thyself...whatever you live through.Know thyself.
                                                                                                                          -Cynthia Chukwu
                                                                                                   One royal smile and  a big hug,