Saturday, June 22, 2013


Hello beautiful people,i thought i'd take this opportunity to reintroduce myself...I'm Doctor Cynthia Chukwu...*applause in my head* he he he.
Yup i graduated yesterday and it was a busy but wonderful day.
I've been a little ill lately  so i wasn't as hippidy hop as i would normally be and the heat didn't help.Seriously,who invented the fabric used for graduation gowns.We were baking for hours and then my school decided to make it worse by handing out diplomas outside.
Whew... it was an experience but one that i wouldn't take back.Ever.
I had lunch with my group mates and their beautiful families afterwards and then went semi dancing at night with my friends( i say ''semi'' because i just sat down and listened to music through out.I love loud music.)
I am really proud of me though cos i survived almost an entire day on heels! well on what i  consider heels:)
This journey has been interesting and wonderful,i've grown so much in these past six years and i've learnt more about myself,who i am and want to be,who and what i love in my life and i'm so grateful to God for the strength and guidance He's given me.I'm thankful for all of it.
So here's what my day looked like...Pasar bien... warning-picture overload:)

                   Oh hello :)

The coolest group of people in any university...EVER;)

   Class of 2013..congratulations :)

oh there she is!

      Receiving my diploma from the dean:)

                   Six years for one piece of paper...whew!

                    with some of my beautiful friends:)

My group with our diplomas...Congratulations habibis:)
 Some of my wonderful groupmates :)
                    If they are not cool,i don't know who is ;)

       Being goofy as usual:)

                   My mini big me,thanks for coming out to support me.

 my babies are now old men:..(

    Birthday boy :)

                   my first class in 2007 was in that anatomy building behind me..time really does fly.

Congratulations to my friends,group mates and entire graduating class.Its been wonderful knowing you guys and going on this journey with you.I wish you all peace,love,success,good health,wealth and everything else you need to take you to where ever you wish to be in future.I'm gonna miss you guys and i'm so suprised i got through the whole ceremony without crying(huge step up from my high school graduation).
I'll do another post with our graduation outfits,lunch and official pictures cos i don't want to put too many pictures in one post.
Oh and this is the 50th post i've written! 
Thank you all so much for reading and supporting,you have no idea how much it means to me.
Until my next post,stay happy and beautiful...those are DOCTOR'S ORDERS! ;)
                                                                                                        Three smile tablets and a dose of love,
                                                                                                        Dr Cynthia.