Monday, August 5, 2013


Hello gorgeous.Hope you're getting a lovely start to the week.I'm still sitting on my bed cos i'm still so very tired and my feet hurt from all the baby shower excitement of yesterday. Yay! My first baby shower ever.It was so much fun but those games are difficult! i hope i get invited to more(making a mental note to remind all my friends to get married and have some pretty babies:).
I woke up and  decided i was gonna have a great day so i pulled out this dress i've had since last summer,tore the tags of that baby and went to church,then to pick up a cake for the shower...word of advice,if you are on a diet or you don't want to spend more than you budgeted,STAY AWAY FROM YUMMY BAKERIES! I went for one cake and left with...well,more :)

This is what my day looked like...Pasar bien.

 Oh hello.

 My dress was saying here'' it feels good to be in the sun Cynthia.I really don't like your suitcase.We should do this more often'':)

 About to stuff my face with cupcakes and doughnuts:)

 Paying for my ''extras''.You'd think after this,i would stop.But no,my sister and her hubby took me to get a sandwich and drinks.That's it,i blame them for the extra weight i've put on;)

I was the resident photographer for the baby shower but i don't have the pictures yet.Hopefully,i'll get them soon.You don't want to know my scores on those games...Whew. I truly wasn't paying attention in kindergarten.Who knew the young of a kangaroo was called a Joey...NOT ME!
The day was just awesome.I'm happy i was a part of it and so grateful i have my sisters.
I hope the beginning of this week brings you loads of love to last all through the week and spill into the next one.

Quote-Joy does not simply happen to us.We have to choose joy and keep choosing it everyday.- Henri Nouwen
                                                                                                     Seven bear hugs and kisses to go,


  1. love the outfit !! had to follow you

    1. Thank you so much dear.I'm sorry for this late reply but i have not been ''around''.I'm heading to your blog now.xoxox