Friday, February 22, 2013


Hello my lovelies,welcome back to my blog.I hope this week was filled with lots of things and people that made you smile and feel warm.
Today was one of those days that i did two things that i've told myself i would never do and it felt great! he he he.I went ice skating! me! 
I've been here for years now and anytime the offer came up,i'd say ''no thank you''.Mostly because i really love myself and have you ever fallen on ice? its painful! But today i did it with a lot of help from two lovely people.
Then i saw the Adrenaline ride and i thought to myself ''maybe one more ?'' :)
i've seen this ride on a tv show before and it looked scary.I said no way i'm ever letting someone strap me on a chair and spin me in circles and upside down.But i did it today and i couldn't be happier.i was actually more relaxed on the ride but i was hanging on for dear life.

oh joy,i'm about to go get myself in trouble...

getting ready to hit the ice (don't mind that smile,my heart was in my tummy)

my very patient friend and teacher:)

''Cynthia leave the railing. Nooooooo''

i'm skating!

my companions for the day:) Thank you

After this craziness,i still went ahead and did this...

Vlog on my youtube channel.
aha! so that's the Adrenaline ride.

That was my day and all the magic it held for me.I fell once on the ice (actually pulled my friend down with me)but we got up kept trying.You should have seen people wasn't so bad cos we were laughing with them.
I know its probably not that big of a deal but its a huge deal for me to give up control and try something i've said a mental ''NO'' to.So i encourage you to step out of your comfort zone.Just a little.You'll be suprised with how much you'll enjoy the unusual.I pray for more days like this for you and me.
Enjoy your weekend and stay blessed and fabulous.
Remember to live laugh and love.
                                              With a large sprinkling of sparkle dust,


  1. i see yu went without me n didnt even tell me p sha hope twas fun n nt as scary as yu tot

    1. he he it was ice skating hun.we're gonna go roller skating.:)