Sunday, December 9, 2012


Hello:) Hope you had a fun weekend.If you didn't,there's always another one so plan ahead!
I had a very interesting weekend and i thought i'd share with you.Let's start with  Friday evening-went window shopping/shopping/eating out with my friends and the bus almost left us behind at the was hilarious! Then Saturday came along and we had a party to attend.I don't do that often so i was pretty excited.I had fun dancing and laughing with my friends.Good company is good for the soul i tell you. Here's what the evening looked like for me ... sorry about all the doors in the background.

i couldn't stop smiling when i found this sequin top at the thrift store.:) i love sparkly stuff!

kept everything else black to tone it down a bit.

my beautiful and crazy flatmate.:)

oh yeah! i have a little fro hawk going on.

i'm usually the bag handler.i love my job but i danced a little.:)

some drama before leaving,(told you she's crazy)

That's it for now.I wish you a wonderful week filled with joy,happiness and progress.
And please stay warm!(if you are in a cold place).
Quote-A girl should be two things :classy and fabulous. -Coco Chanel
                                                                            One wish that you sparkle through the week,

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