Thursday, December 20, 2012


Hello lovelies :) i hope everyone is having a fabulous day.I'm sorry for the long break from posting. I've been ill for some time now and just getting myself out of bed and to my classes have been top on my to do list.Hope all your Christmas preparations are coming along great.I might have to go to school on Christmas day :( You'd think i'd be used to that by now.he he.
Okay let's get to the business of the day.I'm gonna have a giveaway for Christmas! yay! My first one ever.I just thought...why not spread the love.So three fabulous ladies are gonna get gifts from moi.
I'll be giving away one Ankara clutch bag and two necklaces.

Please note that you might not get your gift in the same fabric that is in the picture because yours will be made with more Christmas love by me. *wink*
Details for entry
-Be a follower of my blog.
-Leave a comment on this post about what you like most about Christmas.
-You have to be residing in Ukraine (sorry..i haven't worked out international posting yet).
-This giveaway starts today and will close at 11:59 on the 24th of December.
-The winners will be chosen randomly and their names will be announced on the 25th.

Thank you so much for stopping by.I wish you a very merry Christmas and an amazing new year.
                                                                          3 servings of all the magic that the season brings,


  1. Truthfully and the risk of incurring Santa's wrath - what I love about Christmas isn't the decorations - though very pretty , the gifts - I won't return them if you sent me some ;) or the snow which is exquisite to say the least. It's the togetherness that comes with the season, that feeling in the air that makes you smile to the person next to you when you see them putting on a silly Santa's hat, but at the same time being amused. Its the universal feeling of celebration , something to be thankful for which translates into so many languages. Its the love that flows around the season to be merry.

    P.S Chukwu im waiting for my ankara clutch ooooooooo :-D

  2. Hmm...although i dnt celebrate xmas...what i luv most about it is the way pple beautify everywhere, d lights nd all nd offcourse the holidays :)

  3. Christmas is a season of love,celebration,hope and unity.there is something in the air that whispers just forget about your worries and experience joy.i think its God's way of saying i am giving you my only Son so that you will know i will not withhold anything from you , that u need in life to succeed.
    hence Joy to the world.

    ps. when ya famous, don't forget to mail me a postcard with chocolate cake lol..:))

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  5. I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT CHRISTMAS! Firstly, the fact that it celebrates the birth of Jesus(my savior). The coming together of friends, family, people to share this really great love(kinda like summing up all the love from January to December).
    Visiting people(with and without homes)..just sharing love!
    Also, the decorations, THE GIFTS! ;), the food!, THE SONGS!. They're all so so so amazing. I could go on and on and on!lol I TOTALLY LOVE CHRISTMAS!

  6. i love christams cos its my happiest time of the year!

  7. christmas is a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and also have the opportunity to reunite with family and loved ones

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  9. I love the fact that it's the time my mom yells the least
    I love the songs, choir rehearsals, trees and decor(even though I miss the hand-made ones I did as a kid), oh the food and basically I love the fact that it is exactly a week before new year.