Monday, January 14, 2013


I think only the people that live around me know how much i love my hair. It probably gets annoying cos i take so long to work with it and if you live in a hostel,that's really not a good idea.he he he .My flatmates are the best.
Did i say i love my hair? cos i really do.:) 
I have been completely natural for 4 months now and i think its one of the best hair decisions i ever made.If you have a scalp that hurts,itches and won't let you sleep then you probably understand me.
I come from a family of Rapunzels and i was close to being one of them until i started university and my scalp went crazy.The weather here hasn't helped at all.I tried everything,saw a doctor,bought every product and went broke,he he,still no improvement.So a year ago, i decided to stop relaxing and a few weeks after my birthday,i cut it all off.Been on the natural/healthy hair journey ever since. 
Some days i love it,some days i want to cry cos my hair is not done and i have to get to school but most of the time,i really really love it.
I'm still a product junkie(but that's a story for another day),my scalp is still loco and i'm still figuring out what works for me but i'm enjoying every minute of it.
I was able to do my first proper bun-look alike today.*doing my happy dance*.This is how far i've come.


we learnt something new on the camera today:)

Dear future children,mummy loves you but she doesn't care what  werewolf or  phone app is popular in your will watch Winnie the pooh and you will like it.

I hope everyone had a fabulous start to the week and i wish you wonderful things everyday of it.
Remember to live,laugh and love.
                                                                                                      Seven hugs for everyday,

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