Thursday, January 3, 2013


Hello :)  Let's talk about making stuff.
I've been a huge fan of DIY projects for as long as i can remember.Cutting stuff up,moving them around , gluing, sewing them back together or just making something new from scraps i have lying around makes feel like a child again.Just the joy and satisfaction of wearing or using something you made is wonderful.There are loads of tutorials on youtube on how to make different things.So i encourage you to try your hands at making something today.You can start small and simple but you'll be amazed at how much you can do with very little.My latest project is my cereal box or paper file clutch bag.There will be a link to my youtube channel to learn how to make it.Enjoy!

Here's the video on my youtube channel.

My first clutch bag was made out of what i'll call a happy mixture of boredom and cereal boxes staring at me and it still has parts of it falling apart.he he he. I've had to make more and figure out how to make the next one better.So please remember that patience a key ingredient to any project.Have fun and be creative.
Quote: ''I let my inner child come out and play all the time,life is more interesting with her around''- Cynthia Chukwu
                                                                                               One scoop of fabulous and a wink,


  1. Oh wow this is awesome I must try!!
    Now following you:-)

  2. Aww thank you very much Fai.Pls do and let me know how it turns out.:)