Wednesday, January 2, 2013

HELLO 2013!

Happy new year my lovelies.I wish you all the wonderful and beautiful things that you want for yourself this year and then some peace,love,happiness,success and good health to go with all of them.
Make this year memorable.Take chances,make new friends,do things a little differently,slow down and enjoy each day,tell the people you love that you love them,be appreciative of those who love you,have no space in your heart for greed or envy,the only person you should compete with is the person you were yesterday.
Be confident in who you are and love that person dearly,believe in yourself and your dreams and work hard at them everyday.Pray and smile through any difficulty and believe you'll come out better than you were.Always know that you are not alone.
Have a fabulous,prosperous year.

Quote -'' I've found that new beginnings are very exciting.You never know what's coming and its in this state of not knowing that i've realised that anything is possible''-Cynthia Chukwu.
Remember to live,laugh and love all the way to December.
                                                                      With a prayer that you find all you are looking for,