Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Hello my lovelies,i feel like its been ages since i last wrote. I've missed this little world a lot.How are you guys doing.Hope everyone is warm and happy.
I haven't really posted cos my friend's lovely wife came to visit so he runs out of class and all the way home to see her(isn't love beautiful?:) he's also my photographer and i can't compete.Also i've been crazy busy with school and this course that is trying to turn my hair grey.But that's a story for another day.
I am freezing my everything off right now and that's partly my fault because i went out without ear muffs.(note to self...don't EVER do that again:). But its so cold here.its like fingers hurting,ears burning,i'm gonna miss my toes kinda cold.I don't know what happened to the sun.The first few days of the month were really warm and then mother nature went''Ha ha take this'' then the worst snow storm we've had in my few years here happened and it has refused to go away.:(
Dear spring,i know you are enjoying your little vacation but it would be really nice if you came back to work.We miss you.
                                                                                                     Everyone in this part of the world.

told you he takes off as soon as class is over:)

when are you going to leave us alone...

i'm freezing but i'll still smile because the weather forecast says the weekend will be warm! (doing the ultimate happy dance)

I wish you lots of love to keep you happy,peace through the troubles of life and help that shows up even when you don't know you need it.
Have a blessed and fabulous week.

 Quote-Always buy  a good pair of shoes and a good bed.If you aren't in one,you are in the other.-Gloria Hunniford.

                                                                                                             One long hug and a kiss,

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