Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Hello loveys,hope everyone is having a great day.We are having a beautiful one here cos spring has come early.Its so sad that its going back next week and returning us to the freezer.But while its here,please go out and enjoy the sunshine.
I had a very slow but cozy weekend.Just me,my duvet,all my favorite movies and series,some pancakes and my sewing machine.(i don't know why i'm writing about last weekend when there's another one in two days but oh well...:)
Today is the first time i'm wearing anything leather that isn't a jacket. I just got this skirt and decided to try.It didn't hurt that it cost six dollars only! (very budget friendly) .Its really comfortable and easy.Tried it and now i'm in love.Had to change up a few things on it to make it fit better but it's well worth it...pasar bien

hello :)

added the zipper and waistband.(i'm getting better at using my zipper foot)

the day shall not come when this won't be one of my favorite shirts.

my new loves..knuckle rings

just because :)
So that's it for my day.Trying something new is a wonderful experience.Try,try,try everything.
Yay i just got something in the mail.Is it weird that i get so excited about mail? I dunno why but it makes me feel like someone thought of me.
Have a wonderful day and give somebody a reason to smile.
Quote- Don't fear death but rather a life unlived.You don't have to live forever,you just have to live.- Someone really smart.
Remember to live,laugh and love.
                                                                                             Three kisses and a high five,