Saturday, April 27, 2013


Hello gorgeous,i hope you are having a wonderful weekend.I'm sitting here with a tall,pretty, pink cup full of water and wondering what's going on with me.My entire system seems determined to teach me a lesson.From my hair to my skin...there's some kinda revolt against moi going on.Help!
Had a pretty regular week and if i've not said it before,''i love my teacher''.This has to be the most stress free course i've had in six years.
How was your week.I hope you achieved all you set out to and so much more.
I decided to try posting older stuff  to see if i like it.Normally,i write on the day something happens so that i remember everything clearly.Let's see how catching up feels.

i love these kinky twists! it was made to keep me happy:)

this laptop bag turned school bag has served faithfully for 3 years.To thrift stores...i'm glad i found you.

 almost everyday is sneaker day.

 Sparkle and shine :*
Enjoy this last day of the weekend loveys and do whatever you need to make you happy.Stay blessed and too fabulous for reason.

Quote-The secret  of change is to focus all of your energy,not on fighting the old but on building the new.-Socrates.
                                                                                                               Seven big hugs and a lot of love,

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