Monday, April 15, 2013


Hello my lovelies,i hope everyone is having an amazing day.Took a short break from posting because it seemed like everything i wrote in my journal had some uncertainty hidden inside.I needed to take some time to work on stuff.Truth is,i'm still not done.But i guess that's keep on keeping on.
The weather has been so much better here and we can finally say its Spring:).A couple of weeks late but no one's complaining.So this is me checking in and praying that i can keep my posts a bit more frequent.For my next post i'm pretty sure we are going to cook!!:) 
i'm super excited cos my challenge has worked out so far.I'm half way through the month and not a burger has been eaten he he.
I've made a few new(to me) and easy meals to fight the lazy days and i'd love to share with you.So fingers crossed,a smile and trust i'll do that soon.
Here's what the first few days of spring have looked like for me...(warning-picture overload:)

yup i live in these boots:)

                                 My sunshades-back from vacation.

i've kept this smile for you for a week:)

I met the cutest little boy today

today was all dark and gloomy.

whoop-tee-friggin doo anyway!

That's it for my day.I hope you had an amazing day and i pray you have all that you need to make this week fabulous.

Quote-Doing what you like is freedom.Liking what you do is happiness.- Munaluchibride.
Remember to live,laugh and love.
                                                                                                                  One big hug and three high fives,


  1. baiddest pics, that boy is so cute and lazy

  2. lovely outfit :)
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