Monday, April 29, 2013


Hello my lovelies,how's your day going.I can't figure out why i don't miss home as much as i used to.Maybe its because graduation is really close and its not a ''go home and come back to school'' kinda holiday.Its a ''go home,get a job,pay your bills and welcome to real life ''kinda holiday.
I'm excited on one hand because i get to try loads of new things and i don't know what's coming and i'm not so ''yipee'' on the other hand because this whole phase of my life is over.
I've been a student for as long as i can remember even during the holidays when i was younger,my mum had me in some sort of school learning something.its gonna be a bit weird not having to answer to anybody at the end of the year but still wonderful because I DON'T HAVE TO ANSWER TO ANYBODY!
Tried on my jade green jeans today.Green is one of my least favorite colors but this green i like.I've had it for almost a year and this is the second time i'm wearing it.I should bust out this baby more often.:) Pasar bien...
Update: School officially ended for me today.So i'm no longer a student.Yippidy yay!. My classmate tried to remember our first class here.Its true what they say...Time flies.

 my friend with an Indian actor alter ego.


you can probably tell i'm the''use one bag until it begs for mercy'' kinda girl.:)

 ''i feel like paparazzi''-he said when he took this picture.

 Somebody please explain why i love black n white pictures so much.

you know you are tiny when jeans made for short girls still bunch up on you:)

Start now to do more of the things you love.There's usually less time than we think.
Have a wonderful week.

Quote-The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do.-thefashionaddicts.
                                      With a prayer that you have time with people and things you love,